Ultimate wearable technology against vibration overexposure.

Prevent Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome using a patented textile-embedded sensor technology and an intuitive Dashboard


Real-time vibration exposure alerts


Collect vibration measurement data


Dashboard generated custom reports


ISO 5349 & ISO 8041

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How it works

The HAV-Sentry system is a reliable guard against the hazardous effects of vibration overexposure on the human hand, protecting tool operators from developing the lifelong Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.

Real-Time Alerts & Data Collection

Aegis sensing units are assembled in an antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking textile Gauntlet, to be used with or without protective gloves.

Vibration exposure levels are calculated based on real-time acquired vibration data by the sensing unit placed in the palm.

Pair it

Pair the Aegis sensing unit with a Bluetooth ID Tag that contains the operator identifier.

Collect Data

The sensing unit continuously acquires vibration data absorbed by the operators’ hands.

Live Alerts

Sound and visual indicators provided by the control unit found on the back of the hand inform the wearer of reaching the threshold exposure action and limit values.

Upload to Cloud

Connect the Aegis to the Docking Station for charging, data transfer, device health-checks and firmware updates.

Data Analysis & Reporting

A cloud-based analytics platform featuring workforce vibration exposure trends, RMS & Peak acceleration (m/s²), frequency (Hz), grip strength (kg) and on-demand exposure assessment reports.

Powered by Amazon Web Services for maximum security.

Individual reports

Generate custom or automated exposure reports, compare between work processes, teams and operators. 
Analyse sources of vibration with intuitive graphs and raw data download.

Devise Control Measures

Once work behaviours and exposure levels are understood, control measures can be put into place to keep your workforce safe

The Technology

The System


Durable sensing & alerting unit for accurate vibration measurement


Contains Aegis sensing units in an antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking textile

ID Tag

Bluetooth user authentication for personalised measurements

Docking Station

Charging station for the Aegis units and data transfer to The Dashboard

Online Dashboard

User-friendly platform to evaluate vibration exposure levels


Upgrade your health & safety strategy and prevent injuries today!

System Trial

Deploy Aegis measurement units to assess the level of risk

Gather Sample Data

Generate operator specific data for each power tool or process

Establish Control Measures

Use HAV-Sentry Dashboard data to identify necessary control measures

Organisation Rollout

Ensure real-time personalised protection for all high-risk operators


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Frequently Asked Questions

Regular use of power tools for prolonged periods of time can lead to permanent injury of nerves and damage to the blood vessels which causes Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.

The average UK fine for companies breaching HAVS standards is £250,000 and the average employee compensation is £18,500.

If your workforce regularly uses power tools and other vibration emitting equipment, HAV-Sentry is certainly right for your company.

You can explore HAV-Sentry during a product trial that will answer all of your questions. If you would like to try it out, get in touch with us and let’s schedule a demo.

Yes. The number of system components items required can be configured based on the number of workers and processes.

We can assess your company’s needs and make a bespoke recommendation during our initial conversation.

The quantity is influenced by factors such as:

  • Number of operators
  • Tools and machines used
  • Daily levels of exposure
  • Existing control measures

Yes, the Aegis sensing units can be shared between multiple team members with their unique ID Tags.

The battery on the Aegis unit covers up to 12 hours of continuous monitoring, enough for the average working shift.

Data on user’s normal working pattern (walking, standing, waving, normal hand movements) is being recorded at all times after ID Tag pairing.

However, the accumulation of vibration exposure starts only when acceleration has passed 6Hz and stops when it’s below 6Hz, thus preventing the user from generating false-positive vibration data through hand and body movements.

The HAV-Sentry sensing unit uses MEMS technology. Unlike piezoelectric sensors which must be calibrated yearly, MEMS sensors are factory calibrated and require no further calibration. This means no disruption to your workforce.

For peace of mind, device health checks, the update of zero-level thresholds, and the verification of the data acquisition chain are automatically performed upon connection to the Docking Station.

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